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12. A Letter from Death Row

(Tänään something in English. I beg your pardon kaikista kamalista virheistä mitä tuolla vilisee, mmuttamutta. Tosiaan, numero otsikon edessä on sen otsikon numero. En ottanut pois koska muuten se fiilis olisi muuttunut. Enjoy)
12. A Letter from Death Row

Dear mom and dad,

I’m so sorry I wasn’t that kind of son you wanted. I did my mistakes, some of them too big. Don’t blame my friends, I was the one to make the decision to kill him. They tried to stop me but I didn’t listen.  Mom always said I’m an old oaf who does whatever he wants. Kind of funny it led me to this point.

I just want to say I love you. So much that it hurts. I want you to know, I always wanted to be perfect. It just turned out and I lost my conciousness of right and wrong. You were the best parents boy could have, I just wasn’t the best boy parents could have. I regret all the things I’ve said, did or left undone.
Tell my sisters I love them. Lianna, you’re way too beautiful to waste your time with idiots like me. Brittany, you’re the brightest star our theater could have, but don’t let your intelligence go waste. I love you both and now you know how to help your own sons if they end up being like me.

When they told me I had two options, poison or electrocution, I chose electrocution, because it will hurt. I know that, and I want it. You may think I’ve gone mad or something, but I’m not. Mom, I hurted him and his family so much. It’s unfair to you that you have to lose someone too, but it makes victim’s family feel better. Dad, you always said big boys don’t cry. I’m a man now, and I cry because I fear facing death alone. I’m sorry you can’t meet me in Heaven, but murderers and pagans go to Hell.

Your remorseful son,

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